Salish Sea
Research & Education Society


Educating students and the community about marine health and environmental innovation to become Salish Sea Ocean Heroes,


Establishing an environmental education centre on the Burrard Inlet 'Salish Sea', and

Building a research hub for schools and universities to access the marine ecosystem. 

GoFundMe Video

This video is a culmination of the Society's work over the past year. We are excited to present a new vision that incorporates the UBC Open Water Research structure, fully reimagined. We are working to repurpose one of the sea pens into a floating research and education station. Our vision no longer includes sea lions or any large marine mammals. Instead, you will find watershed models, touch-tanks temporarily housing intertidal species, and water quality sampling activities!


Current Projects

The Salish Sea Research and Education Society is working to:

  • Launch an online marine education workshop in partnership with Tru Earth and Sea Smart,

  • Repurpose a floating marine education station to provide space for post-secondary research to educate K-12 students and inspire a new generation of scientists,

  • Provide research opportunities through water quality testing and micro-plastics studies to be conducted on board the station, and

  • Promote ecosystem awareness through touch tanks and watershed models to cultivate curiosity and ultimately a sense of stewardship.